Jennifer is currently a UI/Visual Designer at Amazon.



The Fisher Center at Bard 


UX/UI Designer


After Affects


Nate Renninger

Project Brief

The Fisher Center supports, produces, and presents the work of visionary, courageous, and unconventional performance artists.

The main objective of this redesign was a user-centric experience focused on providing particular user groups with the information necessary to stay up to date with past/upcoming performances and learn more about them through the comprehensive multimedia archive.

Design Problem

Due to COVID-19, the Fisher Center had to halt in-person live events so they sought to update their site for visitors who wish to see past recorded performances and learn more about the venue. When auditing the original website, it lacked a user-centric design, an educational approach, and a developed design system. It also featured a limited number of reusable design system components.


To take advantage of experiential-learning opportunities for visitors our main three goals for the site re-design were...
Establishing a design system
Refining the user experience
Educating visitors

Establishing a Design System

After inventorying any re-usable components we saw on the site, we began to establish a more refined/clear design system reflecting the Fisher Center and its site needs. We were able to reduce complexity and ambiguity, ensure UI consistency, and create a foundation for further improvement.

Empowering Users to Explore and Learn

My goal while designing the detail pages under the “Explore & Learn” tab was to create an experience where a user can explore perspectives from past, present, and future programming while also being recommended content relevant to what they are browsing. This was accomplished by designing a comprehensive multimedia archive featuring materials from audio recordings, blog posts, books, programs, and videos.

Turning a Negative Experience Positive

The previous 404 page contained plain text without redirection of any sort for the user.
We recommended building a 404 that speaks creatively with purpose to their venue and helps redirect the user back to the homepage.