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Christine Carforo

Barry’s is a renowned cardio and strength training interval workout and fitness studio and now one of the largest studio fitness brands with over 100,000 members taking classes weekly.

Since the relaunch of their website, I helped their team on a number of new initiatives such as immersive landing pages and website optimizations to support their growing apparel line and collaborations with brands like Lululemon and Balmain.

First Time Acquisition Campaign Launch

Barry’s wanted to launch a First Time Acquisition Campaign to direct first-time users into subscribing for a Barry's Membership. My solution was to build a landing page that is...

Strategically positioned to give ample information about the training provided.
Educational by providing potential clients with a brief guide to know what to expect with a membership.
Easy to sign up for with a clear and primary CTA.
Showcases the communal aspect and their unique ‘Red Room”.

Barry’s Referral Program Launch

Barry’s wanted to create a promotional campaign to drive more memberships through referrals. Goals that I kept in mind while designing this landing page was to...

Encourage and influence Barry’s clients to refer friends/family as first-time clients through incentive.
Clearly communicate steps to refer first-time clients.
Clearly communicate the benefits Barry’s client referees will receive by referring first-time client.